Selling the very rope that will eventually hang them.

I would rather see the building hit by lightening and burn to the ground than for it to be converted into a beachhead for Islam. This is absolute rubbish:

“The new owners of the former Immaculate Conception campus are community neighbors that have been present on the Levittown Parkway since 1991,” Archdiocese of Philadelphia spokesman Ken Gavin told “They are widely known as people of faith, family, prayer and education in the moral life for their children and the families of Bristol Township.”
Mogadishu here you come…..

Historic Christian Church to Be Converted Into Mosque; Members Take Down Cross From Altar

A Christian congregation in Connecticut that dates back to the 1600s has sold its church building to a Muslim group that plans to turn the building into a mosque.

(Photo: Facebook/United Congregational Church)United Congregational Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut

According to The Wall Street Journal, the historic United Congregational Church will sell its 1920s Georgian-Revival style church building to the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center for a price of $1 million.

The church dates back to the Colonial Era, when it was founded in 1695 as the Ecclesiastical Society of Stratfield. In 1916, the congregation merged with another congregation and officially became the United Congregational Church. Although the congregation once totalled over 3,000 members when the main church building was constructed, WSJ reports that the congregation total has dwindled to just 300.

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  1. The simple fact that Islam is not complementary to, but is the very antithesis of Christianity has never occurred to these simpletons, I suppose ?

    1. The very thought of a church selling its own building is something I never ever thought I would ever seei would have burned it to the ground 1st before I’d have sold it to a satanic religion it reminds me of JUDAS ISCARIOT AND HIS 30pieces of silver but then 1 million dollars is the going rate these days for traitors

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