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This guy is so screwed…..

And the fact that they (Western governments) do that to critics of Islam as well, only empowers these thug Islamo-regimes to crack down even more.

Blasphemy trial against Jakarta governor Ahok opens

The governor, who is the first ethnic Chinese Christian to lead Jakarta in more than 50 years, rejected the charge. Major public protests helped prompt the trial.

Blashpemy trial of Jakarta's Governor Ahok (picture alliance / dpa)

A minority Christian governor sobbed in a Jakarta courtroom Tuesday on the opening day of his trial, denying blasphemy charges for allegedly defaming Islam.

In September Governor Basuki Tjahaja  Purnama said his political opponents had used a verse from the Quran to deceive voters – sparking public outrage and the blasphemy charges that could land him in jail for five years.

The controversy erupted when a video appeared online, showing Purnama lightheartedly saying that people were being deceived if they believed his detractors who asserted that the Quran prohibits Muslims having a non-Muslim leader.

“I understand the charges but I don’t understand why I’m being accused of blasphemy,” Purnama said after prosecutors read out the indictment.

Blasphemy, still considered a crime in much of the world, is a supposed insult of a religion or deity.

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