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Well we don’t have to worry about these savages taking over Rome any time soon, but the terrorism part has to be taken seriously.

Christmas terror warning: Moroccan terrorist warns Catholics ‘I will bomb the Vatican’

A MOROCCAN extremist who threatened to attack Christian pilgrims at the Vatican in the run up to Christmas has been expelled from Italy.

The Vatican has acknowledged that it is a target for jihadisGETTY
The Vatican has acknowledged that it is a target for jihadis

The 32-year-old fanatic was sent back to Morocco on a flight yesterday after police foiled a plot to strike the holy site with a car bomb and armed with a Kalashnikov machine gun.

The unnamed suspect apparently revealed his plan to another detainee while he was being held by Italian authorities.

He said his plan was to attack the Vatican using a car full of explosives and a Kalashnikov, which he would smuggle into Rome with the help of a friend.

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano described the would-be attacker as “uncontrolled, fanatical and eager to die in God’s name to reach paradise” and said he was encouraged to launch the attacks in revenge at the Italian state, without giving further reasons.

He said it was likely the extremist was radicalised during his previous detention at the Regina Coeli prison and had helped indoctrinate another inmate during his time there.

Mr Alfano said: “Today there was another deportation on national security grounds, as part of a tireless effort to prevent [attacks].”

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