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There still no government policy planned to induce Swedes to be fruitful and multiply themselves. Nothing of the sort. They just keep hyping the meme that they need more immigrants, that’s it. Tune in 50-60 years from now and they’ll still be saying the same thing.

Sweden needs immigrants to solve labour shortage: employment agency

Sweden needs immigrants to solve labour shortage: employment agency
An employment agency sign advertising available jobs. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT
Sweden requires 64,000 immigrants annually if it wants to prevent labour shortages from hampering economic growth, the country’s employment agency (Arbetsförmedlingen) has said.

Speaking to public broadcaster SVT, the agency’s director general Mikael Sjöberg predicted that a labour shortage will start to hurt Sweden’s growth as early as next year, before becoming an increasing problem thereafter, as employers in the private and public sector struggle to find people with the right skills.

A decreasing local-born population means immigration will be needed to solve the shortage, the agency explained.

“Sweden’s birth rate is simply too low. The home-born population is reducing. To continue having the possibility of growing further, labour is needed, and therefore an increased population,” Johan Bissman from Arbetsförmedlingen told The Local.

The impact is already being felt by some companies, he noted, and the problem will grow in 2017.

“The shortage is already impacting the public sector and more businesses are going to feel the effects in 2017. A number of private companies are also affected currently, and that number is going to grow next year,” Bissman said.

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sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

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  1. I’ll buy that.

    They need capable people who are willing to work to keep the wheels turning. This problem, however, cannot be solved by importing Mohammedan savages, who are unwilling, unemployable, hostile and illiterate.

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