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It’s the same everywhere in Europe where Muslims have migrated……


Swimming halls are the worst of the lot, where male and females traditionally merge together.

Itäkeskus Swimming Hall incidents every day – administrators threatening and violent training

– Safety training is really necessary today, because the disruptions have increased, says the Itäkeskus swimming pool facility manager Teemu Raatikainen.

Sanna Jompero

SWIMMING HALL Itäkeskus swimming pool personnel have new guidelines in January for dealing with customers.

Itäkeskus swimming pool staff will be training in January for threatening and violent situations. Training takes place in co-operation with the police and a security company.

The swimming hall has continuously been in situations in which customers do not care about management rules.

– We have had in the past a war of words. Now training is more specific and relates more to certain groups, image management Department Manager Teemu Raatikainen .

Sports Department received towards the end of year rules on pre-threatening and violent situations, which occupational safety manager Markus Terämaa does not want to tell more of in detail.

– It contains mainly legal grounds for action models, what to do when the situation escalates and after-care Terämaa summarizes .

Itäkeskuksen has a few other sports facilities staff who will receive similar training, but Terämaa does not mention the names of the places.

Itäkeskus staff has previously received similar training, but it is not so clearly targeted at encounters with migrant customers.

Incidents that have emerged in the hall, as well as with personnel and between customers.

– It is yelling and inappropriate conduct. The biggest clash between customers arises if someone goes in a bathing suit to the sauna or does not take a shower. It’s in situations where Finnish sauna culture often faces religion, Raatikainen explains.

A clashes happen at the Itäkeskus Swimming Hall every day. Guards with the distance of the alarm button are needed to be called about every other week.

– The job description has changed. Before only good rescue skills were needed. Now the job is more about maintaining order, says Raatikainen.

The problem is also the fact that there may not exist a common language with clients.

– The staff has experts in Arabic and Russian language, but still a common language doesn’t always exist. Some of the incidents are due to misunderstanding and a part of it, that the client has never been to a swimming pool.

There have been problems, particularly on weekends and in the evenings.

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