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That’s the cost of lying to your constituency….. 

When it mattered most, the Finns Party threw in with the Center Party and refused to threaten to leave the government over its open doors policy vis-a-vis tens of thousands of Muslim settler males flooding its borders. Timo Soini is an idiot.

Yle poll: SDP retains lead

The Social Democrats retain their lead in Yle’s monthly tracking poll, which is published today. In second spot is the Centre Party, while the National Coalition is in third spot. The third government party, the Finns, had the sixth-largest support in the poll.

Party support graphics.

Image: Yle Uutisgrafiikka

Yle’s monthly tracking poll suggests that the SDP is the best-supported political party in Finland, with 21.1 percent of respondents saying they back the party. The poll found that 20.4 percent of those answering said they’d support the Centre Party, while 18.9 percent were National Coalition backers.

The Finns Party, which is the third grouping in the government along with the NCP and Centre, was backed by 8.5 percent of respondents and is the sixth-best supported party in the poll. It’s support remains stable from last month, but is well down on the 19.1 percent it achieved in the 2015 parliamentary election.

Pollsters from Taloustutkimus interviewed 2,927 people during November for the poll, and 57.3 percent of them gave their party allegiance. The margin of error is +- 2 percentage points.


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