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They KNOW that they can’t overturn the results……

That’s the angle that they’re shooting for, to discredit him in the eyes of the public, using the theoretical marginal reversal in some states as a tool to obstruct his agenda once he takes office with, “No Mandate, No Peace”, as a rallying cry of the miscreants and malcontents marching daily in the streets of America.

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Is Denying Trump Access To 46 Electoral Votes The Goal Of Clinton Stein Recount?

The recount in Wisconsin, even if the impossible were to take place and somehow Trump comes out the loser in that election, would still not invalidate his victory. In fact, as noted in the American Thinker, a successful recount from the Clinton Stein reformulated and regurgitated Democrat opposition would still do nothing to change the outcome.

The margin of victory is substantial enough and equally important, the control of the House and Senate are in Republican hands, to prevent any political mischief from turning the election towards someone else. Whatever Crooked Hillary, her puppet Jill Stein, and her financier, “Globalist George” Soros have up their sleeves, unless it’s absolutely brilliantly devious, has no chance of working.

An anti-Trump outcome in Wisconsin, combined with the two other unlikely changes in the results in Michigan and Pennsylvania, would still not be enough to throw the election to Clinton. But there is another possible goal that they could achieve, which, while not accomplishing the supposed objective of reversing the delegates awarded to Mr. Trump, would still deprive him of them.

It’s another favored Democrat tactic, one that has been in large part responsible for Clinton remaining out of prison to this point, obstruction combined with delay.

They note that if the recounts were done by hand, which they are free to demand, the process may take longer than the last day for completing the official counts in the three states targeted by the corrupt Democrats. If they are unable to meet the deadline, Soros’ Green Party surrogate has done her job. Mr. Trump would have 260 electoral votes and Clinton would have 232, both below the magic number of 270.

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