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German journalist who covered North Africa warns against creeping Islamization: says Left partly responsible for Islamization in the west, calls for a self-aware critique of Islam and an alliance of the secular.

Samuel Schirmbeck: “The crusade of Islam” is call for criticism of Islam 

By Rebecca Hillauer

The former North Africa correspondent of the ARD Samuel Schirmbeck guest in the talkshow "Maischberger".  (Dpa / Horst Galuschka)
“There must be no difference between” believers “and” unbelievers “- calls Samuel Schirmbeck in” The Crusade of Islam “. (Dpa / Horst Galuschka)

Samuel Schirmbeck, a North African correspondent, has experienced a creeping Islamization and warns of a “crusade of Islam”. It calls for courage for open criticism of Islam – and makes the left jointly responsible for radical Islam spreading in Western Europe.

“The people who are Islamic – Critical are not Islamophobic, but they are only violonceophobic, they are homophobophobic, they reject Islam, which we also have: the anti – feminism, the intolerance in the name of a worldview. We have now finally separated ourselves with great difficulty – and now people do not want it to come back under the cover of religion. “

Samuel Schirmbeck has witnessed the creeping radicalization in North Africa. When he came to Algiers in 1990 as an ARD correspondent, the beaches were full of women in swimsuits, and the country was full of hope for democracy. The Islamists put an end to both. Supposed “unbelievers” they threatened with death. Samuel Schirmbeck stayed and learned to live with the latent fear. It had only dropped from him, he said, when he flew to Frankfurt for a few days.

“And here I have realized what is worth it: a public space in which one must not fear a religious madness, in which one can step in front of the front door without fear that someone will be an” unbeliever ” , A head shot. “

“Then I got a terrible fright”

Samuel Schirmbeck: “The Islamic crusade and the helpless West” (Orell Füssli Verlag Zurich)So a refuge, those who do not, the permanently to live in Muslim countries – and yet bold denounce the atrocities that are committed in the name of their religion. Samuel Schirmbeck makes this “Muslim freedom seeker”, as he calls it, in his book. For example, the literary scholar Abdelwahab Meddeb, who forms the “disease of Islam” in a violent fundamentalism. Von Schirmbeck was reminded of this when he once again flew to Frankfurt, and beside him sat a young Algerian.

“As soon as we were about Marseilles, he began to hold a monologue, how great the Koran is, and how Islam is for mankind, and the best religion, and that it will do justice to everyone, and so on for an hour and a half. So, when the plane landed on the rolling field in Frankfurt, I said: But here the area of Allah has come to an end, and then it came out like a pistol: No, Monsieur, the zone of Allah never ends I was terribly frightened: how if the area of Allah would indeed stretch out and come to Europe, and you would no longer have that feeling of security, Et voilá. “

“It can also be observed in Western Europe: demand for prayer rooms outside the mosques, in schools, in establishments, at the university, protest prayers under the open sky if the demand is not given in. Women refuse the handshake because they are ‘unclean Fear of a false word about the prophet, which might have evil consequences: Thus it began in North Africa,

… writes Samuel Schirmbeck in his book. He describes how stunned he was when describing his growing doubts about the peacefulness of Islam to friends in Germany – and they abused him as a fascist. In Schirmbeck’s eyes, people like them are “from yesterday-left” and responsible for the fact that radical Islam can spread unhindered in Western Europe.

“There must be no difference between” believers “and” unbelievers “

“This is the old third-world commitment of the left, yes, that they think there is an ontologically evil part of the world – that is the West with America, and then there is an ontological innocence zone – that is the Third World. And from the Third World comes Islam – and therefore it should not be touched. “

The author also sees the liberal Muslims and conservative Islamic associations in Europe who have not yet clearly positioned themselves against radical Islam. Of them he asks in the book:

“Claim number one: Promotes free independent reflection on Islam!” Call number two: Proclaims that there is no difference between ‘believers’ and ‘unbelievers’. ” 

The author considers the separation into “believers” and “unbelievers” to be devastating.Especially for integration. What is the point, he asks, throwing the Syrian warfellows into a society of which it is said that it consists of the wicked? Samuel Schirmbeck’s book is exciting to read. And the clear language ensures clarity of content. Anyone who has been waiting for such words for a long time, the author gives many arguments to the hand.

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