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Major difference with Judaism, pork products that benefit health/life are in fact, kosher.

So go without. Simple. It’s however, all a bout victim hood, and how to best exploit it.

Muslim father complains after being given anti-flu nasal spray containing PORK

A MUSLIM father is demanding an apology after his daughter and niece were given NHS flu vaccinations which contained an ingredient derived from pork.


Muslim father, Mr Shah, complains after being given anti-flu nasal spray containing pork

Mohammadda Shah said he had no idea what was in the nasal spray when it was given by the local GP surgery to his child Raghad, and niece, Aisha.

He only found out when his daughter brought a letter home from school offering the same vaccination – but offering Muslim parents the chance to say no.

Some nasal flu vaccines contain pork gelatin derived from pork as one of its additives. Experts say the gelatin is highly purified and designed to stabilise live viral vaccines.

Although gelatin is commonly used in a range of pharmaceutical products, including many capsules, Mr Shah has now complained to the NHS about what happened and an investigation is under way.

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