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According to Antti Pelttari, the chief of the Security Police  Finland has more than 300 radical Islamists.
According to the Head of Security Police, Antti Pelttari ,  A “Salafist-jihadi Underworld” has taken root in Finland.

Salafist-jihadism refers to Sunni multi-national extremist thinking, which draws its warlike thinking from the genesis of Islamic history. Ideology is closely linked to the present day, such as in Syria and Iraq. Extremist organizations such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda are classified salafist jihadist movements.

Pelttari raised the issue of a salafiist-jihadist underworld, when he described the fight against terrorism during Interior Minister Paula Risikko‘s (National Coalition Party) conference in Helsinki on Tuesday.

– Finland has had people for a long time now who have connections to radical islamist-type terrorism, Pelttari said .

– We told of the matter for the first time probably in 2012, when there were less than 200. Now their number is over 300, he added.

According top Pelttari SUPO’s job iscomplicated by the fact that the network operation is very “security conscious.”

– They tend to hide their own communications very effectively.

NOTE: The above article is describing Post-Hijra Islam 101, exactly what I’ve been describing here for what seems like an eternity.
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Supo confirms suicide bombing by Finnish citizen in Iraq

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) has now confirmed that a Finnish citizen carried out a suicide bomb attack in Iraq in September, 2015. Supo also claims that at least one person from Finland has risen high in the ranks of terrorist group Isis.

SUPO Raportt

Supo report on a “radically altered security environment”. Image: Yle

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) reports that the news of a Finnish citizen who carried out a suicide attack last year has been confirmed.

“I have no comment on the nature of the attack or its death toll,” Supo chief Antti Pelttari says, adding that this is the first time that a fighter coming from Finland has committed a suicide attack.

The name “Abu Hurairah Finlandi” had been used by an Isis militant of Pakistani descent from the Finnish west coast city of Pori. In 2014-2015 he sent a number of threatening online messages to individuals including Finns Party members and to the Finnish government.

At least one Finn high in Isis echelon

Supo also reports that at least one person from Finland has risen in the Isis ranks. Pelttari made no comment on the alleged number of people involved or the nature of their tasks in the terrorist organisation.

Antti Pelttari.
Antti Pelttari Image: Yle

At least some 80 people have left Finland to join Isis, the chief says.

“Unfortunately the number is the highest in the world in relation to the country’s Muslim population,” Pelttari says.

More than 300 people are currently under Supo surveillance because of suspected ties to the jihadist underworld.

“The figure has risen by about a hundred people.”

The last time the intelligence agency compiled a threat assessment was last November. The assessment states that the risk of terror in Finland has risen, but that Finland is not a primary target country for any terrorist group.

“We are monitoring the situation constantly. We have no reason to update our current threat assessment,” Pelttari says.


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