After purging those suspect of dissent, the poobah of Ankara has replaced them with loyal yes men.

ERDOGAN’S NEW ARMY: Turkish despot hires 30,000 troops to replace those sacked in purge

The coup and ErdoganGETTY

TURKISH despot Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hiring 30,000 new troops as he looks to tighten his ironclad grip on the army following July’s failed coup attempt.

Erdogan is hiring more military after the failed military coup

The country’s military has been left severely understaffed after the tinpot president purged its ranks of anyone he deemed to be disloyal to his rule.

A jittery Mr Erdogan sacked and imprisoned tens of thousands of soldiers after an abortive coup attempt over the summer, in which rogue soldiers took control of tanks, fighter jets and helicopters to attack the parliament and attempt to overthrow the government.

Since then he has been working behind the scenes to smoke out any followers of the US-based moderate cleric Fethullah Gulen, who followers of the president accuse of trying to establish a parallell state.

NOTE: “Moderate cleric Fethullah Gulen”? Moderate to what, Islamonazis? It doesn’t make him ”moderate” in the Western sense of the word.

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