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And he’s hopping mad about it……


In part, I agree with Bildt, that where Russia is concerned, there needs to be a rolling back of that rump state (and the Chi-Coms as well). I don’t believe in the false dichotomy of either appeasement or WWIII. The rest of his blatherings are just that, a bemoaning of the potential dismantling of the failed policies of Europe.

Statism, open borders, the destruction of nation states that were the backbone of the economic and societal acheivements of the West throughout the Industrial Revolution, all have to come to an end if the West is to save itself.

Where I differ from others who voted for Trump (and his full throated supporters) is that free trade is ALWAYS a good thing, trade imbalances are inconsequential and the most destructive force against an economy is the government itself. Tariffs (across the board type in comparison to surgical ones) are always a bad idea, taxing the citizens for ”wrong choices” is tyranny.

Bildt: “End of the Western World as we know it”

Carl Bildt, paints the future in bleak colors. For the Washington Post writes Sweden’s former head of state and foreign minister about life after Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States.

“European foreign policy is facing very challenging months and years,” Carl Bildt’s first comments on Twitter after Donald Trump’s election victory.

Now he develops his perspective in a column in the Washington Post.

“If you listen to what Donald Trump said before and during the campaign, this is the end of the western world as we know it,” writes Swedish former heads of state and foreign minister.

Decades of good relations between the United States and Western Europe has been built on a number of values as “freedom, democracy, free trade, stable alliances and trustworthy friendship”. All this has been “either challenged or attacked by Trump,” writes Carl Bildt.

He also argues that “a peaceful, free and prosperous Europe has been the USA’s key strategic interests.”

But by accepting the British right, politician and EU opponent, Nigel Farage, before foreign politicians signaling Donald Trump supports the “dark forces” who want to tear down “the generations of American and European statesmen have built up,” writes Carl Bildt.

In addition to security cooperation is free trade, climate agreement from Paris and the nuclear agreement with Iran on the game with Donald Trump in the White House, according to Carl Bildt.

He also comments on Donald Trump’s clear signal of a rapprochement with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Europe really has nothing against good relations with Russia, but they must be based on rolling back the aggression against Ukraine, cancel covert cyber warfare and respect the rules drawn up between nations,” writes Carl Bildt.


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  1. Looks like Sweden will enjoy being an Islamic shithole by itself.

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