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Totally removes the thin veneer from the faux label of “moderate Muslim”……


Thanks for finally coming out of the closet you taqiyya artist…

Keith Ellison Is a Muslim—and the Man to Lead the Democrats Into the Future

The Democratic Party leadership needs to learn from Hillary’s flop and Bernie’s message. One man stands out as the voice of tomorrow.


11.15.16 8:00 AM ET

LONDON—Love did not Trump hate. Whichever way you voted, that statement stands, because even some of those who may have raised this pro-Hillary slogan have been out on the streets doing a disservice to peaceful anti-Trump protestors, by rioting.

Fear has won. We are all scared. But as this mourning process moves from denial, to grief, and on to acceptance, we liberals, not just in the United States, but globally, must begin to consider how to regroup, reform, and resurrect.

That resurrection cannot come without a realization that the Democratic Party establishment has had its day. They blew it, big time.

To have endorsed the ultimate Washington insider when the rebel was there right before you was utter folly. To have backed a paragon of the party establishment during an age of outsider opportunities was sheer naïveté. To have ignored the insurgent in favor of the stagnant was stubborn. To prefer the anointed over the popular was plain hubris. To have coveted the corporate while ignoring the common man was corrupt. Now, we have lost the House, the Senate, and the presidency to possibly the least competent candidate in history. That is our fault. So yes, it is time for reform. And nothing short of a major overhaul of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will suffice.

More here. H/T: Daniel Pipes

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  1. This has been the DNC’s pattern for many decades. That pattern is based upon hatred for our country. One can painfully see this by simply gaining an understanding of our true history beginning with Bill Clinton’s presidency up to today. That sliver of history alone is highly charged with a multitude of high crimes and despicable juvenile behavior by democrats. Ellison is the next logical continuation of the DNC’s psychotic illness towards their own nation.

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