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The cordon sanitaire will still be around them, all the while these very same parties insist that Israel sit down and negotiate a political settlement with Islamonazi nut-jobs.

‘SD could break 20 percent barrier in the next election’

'SD could break 20 percent barrier in the next election'

Could the Sweden Democrats grow? Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Published: 14 Nov 2016 17:23 GMT+01:00

Media and pollsters have come under fire recently for failing to predict Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election, so The Local quizzed YouGov’s communications manager for the Nordics, Lars Gylling, on whether the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD) could replicate his surprise victory.

“The US elections are quite different than our parts of the world, for two reasons. The turnout [in the US] is very low and you have groups of people having very different vote patterns. Latino voters vote differently to white voters and uneducated voters to educated voters,” he explained. “If you look at the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won, the polls were not that far off, it was about the normal margin of error.”

The Sweden Democrats won 12.9 percent of the votes in the 2014 parliamentary election in Sweden, but support has increased since. However, by how much varies sharply depending on which pollster you consult, ranging from for example Sifo at 16.8 percent to YouGov as the biggest party at 24.3 percent.

After the majority of pollsters in Sweden wrongly predicted ahead of the 2014 election that far-right SD would get less than 10 percent many have either changed or are looking at changing the way they collect data: from using only telephone interviews to a mix of telephone and online interviews.

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