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Democrats Embrace Their Radicalism

The Democratic Party is suffering a nervous breakdown.

An entitled cast of urban liberals is taking to the streets protesting the free and fair defeat of a candidate for whom they couldn’t be bothered to volunteer. Twentysomething Democratic staffers are reportedly offering their resignations in the form of screaming meltdowns, blaming acting Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile for their inevitable death due to catastrophic climate change. Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has implied that, having won the presidency as a result of a campaign of hate aided by the less-than-covert works of Russian intelligence, Donald Trump lacks legitimacy.

This liberal pain is real, but also projection. The party has been decimated at every level, and is now entering a rebuilding period. How it rebuilds is the question. The first choice the party will have to make is who is going to right the ship at the DNC, and the choices before the party perfectly reflect their conundrum in the post-Obama era.

The two most viable candidates who appear interested in leading the DNC through this grim valley are indicative of the Democratic Party’s addiction to radicalism. Howard Dean—a former DNC chair, presidential candidate, and Vermont governor—has thrown his hat in the ring. On first glance, an intemperate absolutist who earnestly accused the teetotaler president-elect of nursing a cocaine habit would seem to be a perfect fit for America’s post-rational moment. There is, however, a candidate even better suited to channel the unrestrained Democratic id in our self-indulgent age: Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison.

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  1. Yes, so-called “our” DNC became radicalized decades ago. It has been an adversarial operative arm, albeit not a monopoly arm, for every tinfoiled hat unicorn fart tyrannical idea shoved down the throats of ordinary Americans who still hold out hope for our nation. In inevitable results, there is a trail of blood and misery which leads back to their party. Some party! Lenin, Mao, Che, et al, were all indisposed, so they had to settle on Elliston as a figurehead. I was waiting for the next thumb to be stuck in the eye of America and have not been disappointed at all. The DNC is purely and simply our modern Mafia, just not as smart, but every bit as corrupt. Elliston alone proves my case – a war club to be used to beat us.

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