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Viktor Orbán: Today’s EU is Approaching a Chaotic, Anarchic State

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appeared recently on a Hungarian radio program to discuss his immigration policies, which are the opposite of the EU’s. He also talked about domestic political issues.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this report from Napi Migráns:

Orbán: I would like to know if someone who wants to enter the US illegally would survive that?

From the show “180 minutes” on radio channel Kossuth

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes ”The Nations of Europe starting to wake up”, and figured out that the migration is a cultural issue: “their identity is endangered”.

We can’t expect help from Brussels. The problem must be dealt with by the nation states, just like Hungary did, said the Prime Minister on Friday on the radio Kossuth show “180 minutes”

He called attention to the fact that the unlawful, unreasonable and unfair European quota system — which was opposed by Hungary — “has grown into even a bigger danger”, because they want to modify it into a permanent mechanism to distribute newly-arrived migrants.

“We absolutely will not accept this!” said Viktor Orbán, and he also said: It is not part of EU membership that anyone — against the will of Hungary — can decide that Hungarians must accept illegal masses.

He also asked the question: who and when was it voted in Europe to admit millions of illegals and distribute them all around?

No such decision was made in any elections, so what is happening now has no democratic basis, he said. Then he added: “In today’s organized lawful EU we are approaching a chaotic, anarchic state, because many leaders naturally accept the state of lawlessness.”

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