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I added Islamic into the headline because the frauds at The Local refused to do so.

Historic terror recruitment trial begins in Norway

Historic terror recruitment trial begins in Norway
2015 file photo of Hussain. He did not give permission for photographers to attend his trial. Photo:
Ubaydullah Hussain, an Islamist who has had numerous run-ins with the law, is the first person in Norwegian history to stand trial for recruiting terrorists.
The 31-year-old denied the charges against him as his trial got underway in Oslo on Thursday.
Hussain is accused of recruiting terrorist and helping foreign fighters by providing both equipment and advice.
Also standing trial is a 19-year-old Norwegian Muslim convert who was arrested in Sweden last year after allegedly being assisted by Hussain.
With the exception of one point in the indictment regarding the possession of a stun gun, both defendants plead guilty on Thursday on all points.
Hussain turned up in Oslo District Court in light checkered shirt, closely-cropped hair and a newly-shaved face. Neither he nor the 19-year-old have agreed to allow photographers into the trial.
The trial is being held under extensive security measures.

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