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If Europe thinks that they’ve bought of the Islamonazi Iranian regime by placating it, they’re wrong, they’ve only helped to embolden them.

TERROR FEARS: Iran deploys FIGHTERS to the West on mission to defend the Islamic Republic

IRAN is deploying fighters to the West tasked with foiling plots against the Islamic Republic and the “whole world should know”, the country’s military has warned.


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Iran is believed to be investing frozen assets released in nuclear deal into its military

Personnel from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) will be sent to Europe and the US as part of a government campaign to thwart plots against the republic.

The fighters are being sent out “very soon” on the orders of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.

Salar Abnoush, deputy coordinator of the IRGC, said: “The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the US and Europe very soon.

“The IRGC is [the] strong guardian of the Islamic Republic.”

In an article that appeared in a state-controlled publication closely tied to the IRGC, Mr Abnoush said: “The Fedayeen of Velayat [fighting force] are under the order of Iran’s Supreme leader.

“Defending and protecting the Velayat [the Supreme Leader] has no border and limit.”

The threatening comments come after it was revealed Iran is boosting its military spending in order to increase its presence in the Middle East and beyond.

The country is said to be using £810million in frozen assets released to the country when a nuclear deal was struck between Iran, the US, the UK, France, China and Russia this year.

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