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27-Oct-16: Who put those knives into the hands of these two little Palestinian Arab boys?

Children and their pure blood: It’s a deeply offensive theme that runs strongly through the messages PA president Abbas delivers to his people. Why is no one other than advocates for Israel outraged by this? [Image Source]

The Times of Israel reported late last night (Wednesday) on fresh evidence, if any were needed, of how Palestinian Arab society appears to have hit bottom and continues to dig down:

Two Palestinian children carrying knives were detained outside a West Bank settlement, south of Jerusalem, on Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces said. “A short while ago forces identified and apprehended two Palestinian children under the age of ten near the community of Migdal Oz,” the army said. “During the initial questioning the children admitted to have been sent, armed with knives, in order to carry out a terror attack.” The two were spotted near the security fence. IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner said the pair were just eight years old… [Palestinian kids, 8, detained with knives outside settlement“, Times of Israel, October 26, 2016]

Photos of the two knives seized from the children are published in this morning’s news. We did a Google image search of that image a few minutes ago; it appears, not so surprisingly, that interest in those weapons of murder and the children from whom they were taken, is limited at this point to the Israeli media. The Palestinian Arab news channel Ma’an has nothing about it in English at this hour (it’s 9:30 am), but their Arabic site does have a brief report here; while it offers no reflections, analysis or commentary on what armed 8 year olds stand for in the larger view of things, it does include IDF security cam footage of the two children making their way in the dark to the outskirts of Migdal Oz.

 More here.

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