Islam in Swtizerland MUSLIM SETTLERS Swimming Halls


Sounds logical and reasonable to me….

It’s a small pool on school property with an already known number of those using it that keeps the facility manageble. Upsetting that balance is stupid.

Only three asylum seekers are allowed at atime at the indoor swimming pool

The Local Community of Meggen limited access because of space available. This is unlawful, says a state law professor.

The community finds space in the indoor swimming pool "very limited".

Roland Gamp

Yannick Hagmann (35) does volunteer work for asylum seekers. He teaches them German. And adds variety. “In their homes they just sit around all day,” says the accountant. To change that, he visited last week with some Syrians the indoor swimming pool in Meggen.

This is open to the public, according to the homepage is “available to the population”. But the lifeguard began to stop the group at the entrance. “He showed a notice to the community to his nose and said that no more than three asylum seekers are allowed to enter the bathroom at the same time.”

In fact, the new regulation has been in force for three weeks. “Due to the size of the pool and the very limited space available up to three asylum seekers can simultaneously have entry and stay in the pool” in the bulletin from the municipality. In addition, they have access only for two days per week.

The pool measures 8 x 20 meters.. “That’s not huge,” said Hagmann. Nevertheless, the scheme has him upset. “It can not be that one excludes a certain population group, only so that the others have space. These are states such as in the apartheid regime.”


And in Meggen? “The limitation is only for the reason, because the indoor pool is on the school grounds and this was defined as sensitive zone where no asylum seekers are staying,” says Social Head Mirjam Müller-Bodmer (53).

“Our small indoor pool is already intensively used by school teams and individuals. We value the security of asylum seekers. Because safety is important in the pool hall, the council has decided that only three asylum seekers can swim with an accompanying person in the pool.”

“How this was recognized at the entrance, is unclear.“

More here in German

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  1. The pool is protecting their swimmers who behave properly. So what if its against the law, who is going to make sure there is enough life guards watching out for everyone? This guy who says its illegal, needs to display his confidence in refugees by taking responsibility for their actions when they assault a little kid, or pooped in the pool. Or gang up on the staff. Their right to swim isn’t ad important as safety.

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