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The horror of ISIS’ human shields: Terrified innocents of Mosul plead for their liberators to save, not shoot them as troops close in

Guardian: A Peshmerga soldier protects refugees fleeing the region

Guardian: A Peshmerga soldier protects refugees fleeing the region

  • Terrified civilians have been liberated from the horrors of ISIS domination
  • They have pleaded to be saved as coalition forces approach city of Mosul 
  • Their captors have forced them to remain in the war zone as human shields

Hiding in a barn in a war-torn city, a petrified young man living under the horrific rule of Islamic State whispers his desperate cry of help into his mobile phone: ‘We are all close to death. Save us.’

He is one of the many thousands of ‘human shields’ in Mosul, where a coalition of Iraqi and Western forces are battling to take back the city from an army of jihadi terrorists making their last stand.

His is an extraordinary and terrifying despatch – as for the first time, one of the hostages being held by IS in the Iraqi city speaks to the outside world. ‘Abdul’ – whose real name The Mail on Sunday has chosen not to disclose – spoke to our reporter in a snatched phone call, for which he could have paid with his life if he had been discovered.

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