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Piers Morgan is a blowhard, and as much as he is wrong on gun rights in the US, he’s spot on with the newest development in the Hillary Clinton email scandal/criminal activity situation.

If Trump didn’t have a shot earlier at winning a week ago…..he most certainly does now. I just wish it was all done on principled conservatism, setting clear, stark choices before the American people in the manner of Ronald Reagan.

No single person is able to shift the US away from its destructive administrative state, what’s needed is a constitutional movement, saving the document to save the document. Nationalist/populist/agrarianism is not a movement based on this philosophy, it’s something else completely.

While Trump (like other RINO’s) will at times do the needed conservative things, and some of his plans are very good, but his basic instincts are not conservative in nature, it’s moored in US Democrat-type liberalism (meaning not classical liberalism).

Policies of tariffs, telling businesses where they can and cannot create their products, and government involvement in daycare, are classic leftist ideas. He needs to be opposed on these, they’re detrimental to the sound policies he’s promised to enact.

PIERS MORGAN: Dikileaks just blew up in Hillary’s face – and she has nobody to blame but herself. Trump’s good week just turned into a game-changer

PIERS MORGAN on what Hillary Clinton's email server leak means for Trump

Wow! Just when it seemed like Donald Trump’s presidential hopes were dead and buried, along comes a game-changing October Surprise of epic, possibly result-influencing proportions.

FBI director James Comey’s astonishing revelation that NEW ‘pertinent’ emails have been found on a NEW electronic device, weeks after the investigation into Hillary’s email usage ended with no charges is bad enough.

Even worse for her is that the device was uncovered during a separate FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting of an underage girl, revealed by

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