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Trans (yes, pun intended):

“At last I dare to come out of the MILK closet”, I FELT I WAS THE RIGHT MILK, just in the wrong carton”


Finnish blogger Vasarahammer has the goods:

NEW PURITANS guardians of morality, ie how THE Gaystapo arrived in Finland

It all started with Lidl’s suggestive milk ad. When Lidl launched a campaign in which Milbona-milk became Pohjola dairies, it was advertised with the phrase: “I felt I was the right milk just in the wrong carton.”

The social network’s ”habitually offended machine” was on duty, getting a hold of this suggestive, but in itself, innocent phrase, and launched an indiscriminate campaign of wrath against it, which the mainstream media by the way, calls “some ravio” (social media rage). In reality, this is nothing but the fury of some few vocal “habitually offended” activists who launched a theatrical performance.

Lidl had to yield, and removed the sentence from the ad. The grocery chain did not lose its reputation but gained prominence, especially since the vast majority of Finns did not deem Lidl’s campaign slogan to be unusual in any way. Without the “habitually offended” Lidl’s advertising would hardly have gained interest by anyone.

In an article at the Voice.fi site “social media rage” it quoted gay blogger Eino Nurmisto, who explained to everyone how extremely offensive Lidl’s advertising was:

“These ads reinforce false stereotypes and are problematic. Transgender sex reassignment process does not correspond to changing to another carton, but after a long and arduous nature of process. “

There’ in your face all of you who are unable to show empathy, the sort of people who do not understand how hard it is being a tranny. Look at me when I tell you I feel empathy and opinion for everyone, even if they are not interested in hearing it.

Nummisto had heard of the ad through one of the followers of his ”transgender blog”:

“They were disappointed, sad and angry at how time and time again they are being subjected to cruel reproaches and people’s lack of understanding.”

There wasn’t of course, any kind of cruel mockery in the Lidl ad, but Nummisto over hyped his being offended which tells the outsider that what’s in question was his pure narcissism. Nummisto knows that there’s nothing more responsive and more valuable than a transsexual, or other high-victim status of a minority group, than imaginary injury and there is nothing better to lift their moral status than the talking down of the one who offends you in public.

Naturally Nummisto is ready to advise Lidl:

“He also hopes that Lidl will in the future apply a closer consideration in their advertising.”
In other words, the more narrowing of the freedom of expression, in which case everyone will feel nice and no one will be offended? That is of course not the case. When one gives in to the habitually offended on something, soon there will be some other “issue”.As of this writing the YLE Fem TV channel program is running in the background, in which a transsexual laments the presumption of his gender. The sound of victimization was strong, even though I didn’t see the screen. Perhaps in the future, anyone can choose whatever gender they want.

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