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What will the Alt-Right Trump nationalist/populist/agrarians do if he invades, pop the cork and declare it was theirs in the first place?

He also claimed Russia had operatives building anti-NATO sentiment from within the Baltic states.

“There’s no doubt that they have people working in these countries and fermenting the opposite of the support for NATO, which is in the democratic government,” he added.

SHOCK WARNING: Russia eyeing up Estonia ‘like it did Crimea’ warns former army commander

Vladimir PutinGETTY

Vladimir Putin, left, and Russian troops

RUSSIA has hopes of taking Estonia in the same way it annexed Crimea, a former British military commander has warned.


Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Colonel Rupert Wieloch said he had “no doubt” that Russia had ambitions of invading Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, before insisting it was vital NATO forces asserted there presence in the region.

The comments come as 800 British soldiers, with tanks, drones and armoured vehicles, prepare to enter Estonia in May in a bid to reassure Baltic states over Russian aggression.

In March 2014, the Ukrainian territory of the Crimea was annexed by Russian forces. In July last year, Dmitry Medvedev said the Crimea had been fully integrated into Russia.

Colonel Wieloch said: “My sense is that Russia feels that when NATO is weak it is able to push the boundaries much further and so it is important NATO at this time does demonstrate that its got the capability to move forces around and deploy rapidly to any crisis area, and and that it does deter Russia from taking any action in those Baltic states.

“Because there’s no doubt that Russia is looking at Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania as potentially the same as what they did in Ukraine and Crimea.”

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  1. I’m surprised to see the European war mongering over Russia being taken seriously here on TT. Express, the source of this article is one of the left-liberal mouthpieces with flexible relationship to facts, so pardon me if I don’t take it at face value. Reading European MSM nowadays is like reading the files of the Spanish inquisition: Putin actually has horns, tail and a hoof, but it’s being photoshopped off. What a lot more people need to ask themselves is:
    Would Russia have invaded Krym if there wasn’t a coup d’etat in Kiev, that unleached into power anti-russian nationalists who suddenly had Russias second largest (out of only 4) naval base within their grasp? Including the nuclear arsenal in Sevastopol?
    I don’t care about Russia, but I even more don’t care about another war. I’m watchin this very disturbing game of chess over Europe, where practically all of the NATO members are moving troops closer to Russia and Russia is rattling their own saber. Now somenody tell me again which is the hen and which is the egg? I don’t like to taken for an idiot.

    1. Both Russia and the Chi-coms are on the move thanks to an Obama presidency which has driven down its military to pre-WW II levels. It’s undeniable that Russia is making its neighbors nervous, very nervous indeed. The Finns are lecturing the Baltic states not to take the bait Russia is dangling (sword rattling) but that’s Finland’s role in trying to show the Russkies that they’re still not on ”the other’s side”. Russia invaded the Ukraine, seized the Krimea in spite of all of its assurance, verbal and signed.

      I care about Russia (and the Chinese), that they’re under no illusions that they can carry a big stick and wield it at will. The stronger NATO is, the less likely Russia or the Chi-Coms will risk anything. Moving troops to Russia’s border is EXACTLY what they should be doing, to the contrary would only invite more saber rattling and eventual land grabs. Learn from history, Hitler’s Germany is a prime example.

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