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The parents thought that a permit involves their decision making, in what’s best for their son, apparently not.

German Parents Fined €300 for Refusing to Permit Their Son to Visit Mosque

Parents in the German town of Rendsburg were assessed a €300 fine for refusing permission for their 13-year-old son to participate in a school field trip to a mosque.

Apparently the “permission” that parents were asked to give was pro forma. It was not really optional. The visit was mandatory. The parents were fined. The boy will go to the mosque. Ve haf vays of making you visit the mosque…

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Student refuses mosque visit: €300 penalty

Parents are lodging an appeal. But still a €300 penalty is looming, and a forced visit to a mosque

According to the syllabus topic “The Orient — power factor, water and crude oil”, a school class in the German town of Rendsburg was scheduled to visit a mosque. But one 13-year-old student did not want to make the visit, as the online portal reports. The parents sought a dialogue with the school after the announcement of the field trip destination. Since they aren’t members of any denomination or faith community, they were of the opinion that no one can be forced to step inside a religious facility. “Why should we send our child to people who generally despise and condemn unbelievers?” the parents asked the school.

€300 penalty and forced visit

German Constitutional law would agree, but the responsible parties at the school see it different. The school’s headmistress filed a complaint with the police and the county school inspector issued a penalty charge notice against the mother as well as the father of the student. Reason: The child did not attend the “information event” at the mosque.

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