Finnish Immigration Concerns MUSLIM SETTLERS


Country shopping……

He liked Islamonazi Morsi. Muslim Brotherhood supporters were ”normal people”, now he’s come to live among the un-normal Finns. Do you actually think he checked his post-hijra Islam 101 views at the border?

Muhannad got his family to Finland after a long wait – “Aleppo is like a jungle: if you are not a lion, they will eat you”

(PHOTO: Seppo Solmela / IS, TASS / Barcroft Media / AOP )


Aleppolainen Kabbani family first tried to start a new life in Egypt, but eventually had to flee also from there.

At first, it seemed that beginning a new life would be possible in Egypt. Kabbani came to find work and began the production of fabrics there. Soon, however, the situation changed.

– When we went to Egypt, Mohamed Morsi was in power. He liked Syrians, and normal people seemed to like us. But after the change in power, the granting of residence permits ran out, and then I knew that even in Egypt, it’s going the same way.

Kabbani decided to go search for a new start for his family in Europe. He travelled to Turkey and from there by boat to Greece. He ended up in Helsinki three months later, in early 2015.

– The family remained in Egypt until I got the documents in order. I did not want to risk them. Yes I can swim, but I would not have been able to protect them at sea, says Kabbani, who during his travels risked going into the water as the smuggler’s boat disintegrated.

NOTE: Both he and his family under international law, having already travelled to another country and found work, then travelling to two other safe countries till finally landing in Finland….does not qualify as a refugee or for asylum. While one can feel sympathy for his plight, we are not responsible for granting them refuge status.

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