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Sorry Pat, but I have a principled point of disagreement with you concerning your statement towards the end of an otherwise good rant. It (challenging the political status quo) didn’t ”have to take place place outside the political bubble, Ted Cruz has been in the thick of it (on the federal level) ever since he came to Washington.

That the overwhelming majority of Washington’s elite in both parties hate him, is proof of that. If not for the GOPe / Trump pincer movement (the former clearly didn’t want Cruz to win), Cruz would have gotten the nomination and on to a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton, after giving the electorate clear stark choices, both philosophically and morally.

I voted Trump because I’m one of those ”Never Hillary” people, but make no mistake, if Trump wins the WH, he will have to be held accountable for all he’s promised, as well as persuaded not to embark on boneheaded anti-free trade measures, like asinine tariffs and paying for someone’s parental leave.

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  1. If I was an American voter who had seen globalisation destroy my business or an car worker watching his factory close to re open in some other place or watched essential industries weakened by the transfer of intellectual property rights to potential enemies, I think I would take a pro Trump view about that and demand the return of those jobs or face tariffs.

    Now why do I take such a line, simple, when the balloon goes up next time and the government appeals for young men to rally to the flag to defend WHOSE country, why would they if they’d been impoverished by government and the big globalist banks diktat over globalisation ?

    When you import everything you used to make for yourselves, and the people doing that elsewhere are getting richer at your expense, try getting them to come over to fight your fight for you. Good luck with that.

    A society has to feel it is valued and wanted, for too long, white Western societies in their own homelands have been regarded with utter contempt by the left, globalists and the big banks, but of course, their sons are courted when it comes to facing the enemy in order to risk a bullet in the face.

    Swords cut two ways, if you one day want voters to look after you, make sure YOU as a politician look after them, their parents, those children and everything THEY value, if the government of the people, for the people, by the people won’t do it, who will ?

    1. Gleaner1, the biggest job killer is the Federal government. The biggest job killer is the jackass Congress that gave (unconstitutional) legislative powers to the executive which has resulted in the leviathan administrative state (the bureaucracy).

      The US already has 12 000 tariffs currently on the books, all they do is increase taxes upon the consumer and feed money into the federal government. Tariffs at the time of the founding were used to fund the government which did not collect taxes on the public.

      You are using the term ”globalization” as synonym for free market capitalism, dangerous globalism, the kind that strips nation state sovereignty is what I am against, international bodies that impose their laws upon the people without any oversight, electoral accountability.

      Free markets go both ways, taking and adding jobs both ways depending upon how free politically and economically that society is. Statism is the THE biggest job & liberty killer.

  2. Protectionism and abolition of slavery are core Republican values. Trump is the first true Republican to run for office since William McKinley.

    We were brainwashed into believing “free trade” was a core Republican value. It is not. Protecting the value of labor through protective tariffs and abolition of slavery are historically established Republican values. If you’d like, I can find a quote from Abraham Lincoln regarding tariffs.

    1. Perhaps republican, but not a conservative value….not by a long shot. As for Lincoln…he was in the middle of fighting a great Civil War….I’ll give him some leeway….

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