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Politicians/Media spinning what she said…..

“Here we eat pork, drink alcohol and show our face. You must abide by the values, laws and regulations that are in Norway when you come here.”

In other words: ”This is who we are, those of you migrating to our country, don’t try to change us or our society into the hellholes that you left. If her political/(media opposition have a problem with that, then they’re the ones who are on the fringes of society, overwhelming majority of Norwegians side with her.”

Norway integration minister faces resignation calls after telling Muslims ‘we eat pork and drink alcohol’

But Sylvi Listhaug claims she was ‘misunderstood’ and says she meant Norway’s Muslims should ‘endure’ others eating pork and drinking alcohol


Norway’s integration minister has been widely mocked and asked to “reconsider her position” after telling the country’s Muslims to adapt to the country’s culture.

Sylvi Listhaug, from the anti-immigrant Progress Party, caused fury and confusion on Monday when she posted on Facebook on the eve of a national integration conference. “I think those who come to Norway need to adapt to our society,” read the post.

Ms Listhaug has since clarified the comment, which was liked more than 20,000 times, claiming she was misunderstood.


Ms Listhaug has clarified her position on social media, making it clear she never told anyone what they should be eating. She wrote on Tuesday: “You misunderstand me, but that’s the way it is. Not for the first time. I mean, of course they should not be forced to drink alcohol or eat pork.

“What I said is that I expect when you come to Norway, to align yourself with the Norwegian labour market. It’s about how one must endure serving pork if you will be working in a restaurant, or serve alcohol if you work at a piano bar. And in the same way, you don’t turn up in sweatpants and caps on a job interview, you have to think about how to dress to get a job.”

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