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Actual investigation unhindered by politics…..?

The Syrian fake ”human rights” toy smuggler was seen schmoozing with top leadership of al-Nusra (al-Qaida), as well as having faked pictures/stories of his being bombed in Aleppo to help open the purse strings of Finnish stooges daft enough to believe this charlatan in the first place.


Police announce formal investigation into Syria fundraising efforts

Finland’s National Bureau of Investigation has launched a formal inquiry into fundraising for toy smuggler Rami Adham, who has been assisting civilians affected by the conflict in Syria. Investigators will be trying to determine whether or not any offences were committed and the fate of the funds collected.

Rami Adham

Rami Adham Image: Yle

The National Bureau of Investigation tweeted on Monday that it had begun a formal investigation into fundraising activities to support Finnish-Syrian toy smuggler Rami Adham in his mission to assist people affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria.

Investigators are trying to determine whether or not any offences relating to fundraising activities were committed. However they did not disclose the names of any suspects under investigation.

Last week, police indicated that they had begun a preliminary probe into Adham’s campaign to help children caught up in the fighting in Syria. That inquiry focused on Adham’s online writings, which police were reviewing to determine whether or not they met the criteria for hate speech, as well as the fate of funds collected for Syria.

Adham has been hailed by local and international media as the “toy smuggler” for his efforts to take toys as well as other supplies to the war-ravaged area.

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