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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I will be mightily surprised to see Donald J.Trump claim victory on election night/wee hours in the following morning.


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A President Hillary Clinton must be impeached…
Yes, Hillary Clinton must be prosecuted, but she won’t be; if elected, however, she must be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors in what is and will be continuing revelations about her criminality. The fact that she has attempted to cover-up and obstruct her Espionage Act violations in hopes of winning this election, and may well be successful, and has lied repeatedly to the American people and Congress, must be addressed by Congress — outside the unconscionable and corrupt perversion of the rule of law by the Obama administration. I will address this further on Monday’s radio show and LevinTV.

Clinton’s Pretense That She Didn’t Understand ‘C’ Was for ‘Classified’

General James Cartwright
General James Cartwright on Capitol Hill in 2010
(Reuters photo: Hyungwon Kang)
Unlock Free Digital Access For mishandling ‘top secret’ information and lying about it, she should be prosecuted. So now Hillary finally knows what the “(C)” stands for in government documents: It’s Cartwright . . . as in four-star Marine General James E. Cartwright, the retired 67-year-old former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the expendable federal official against whom laws protecting classified information actually get enforced.
(C), see? Oh wait — sorry. I don’t mean to confuse Mrs. Clinton by starting this second paragraph with “(C)”. After all, as she diva-’splained to the FBI, she could only “speculate” that “(C)” must have something to do with organizing paragraphs “in alphabetical order.” Speculation was necessary, she said, apparently with a straight face, because she didn’t really know what “(C)” meant.
The question arose because the “(C)” designation — applicable to classified information at the confidential level — turned up in at least one of Clinton’s personal e-mails. Those would be the e-mails that, she repeatedly insisted, never, ever contained classified information. Or at least, that’s what she insisted until government agencies confessed that hundreds of the e-mails do contain classified information. Then Clinton’s “never, ever” tale morphed into the more narrowly tailored lie that there were no e-mails “marked classified.” Alas, that claim could not withstand examination of the e-mails, during which the “(C)” markings were found . . . whereupon the explanation underwent more, shall we say, refining. Thus the final, astonishing claim that she didn’t know what the markings meant, along with the laugh-out-loud whopper that maybe it was all about alphabetical order.
Yeah, that’s the ticket! In case you’re keeping score: When a person being prosecuted for a crime changes her story multiple times, as if she were playing Twister (kids, ask your parents), the prosecutor gets to prove each of the evolving lies at the trial. As you’d imagine, juries grasp that the truth doesn’t need an editor. That’s why people whose explanations can’t keep up with the evidence are pretty much a lock to get convicted.

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  1. I’m yet to read the article, but look a the record of Congress over the past eight years. With the Republicans controlling Congress they did nothing to keep Obama in check and he just did what he wanted to do.

    The best prediction of future behavior being past behavior, how can anyone be hopeful that she will be impeached?

    On a side issue, it is quite significant that Trump stated that he would not accept the outcome were Hillary to win.

    Why? It has to be because he has a lot of data about how the voting is rigged; for example, no voter ID required which means anyone can vote many many times.

    Of course you can’t have voter ID because that would discriminate against the low information voters who see Hillary as their ongoing meal ticket.

    If she wins, Trump will be a thorn in the flesh for duration of her administration.

    I hear he will set up his own TV station – a foil to the crooked CNN.

    1. Just making the case for it, not saying it will be accomplished….

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