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Not a clue that they’re damaging their own society (irreparably)….. 


Please tell me, what is the moral imperative in Europe -a continent that murdered +6 million Jews in a horrific Holocaust just 7 decades ago- to import tens of millions of Jew hating Muslims, if not to rid themselves of the Jews that remain?

NOTE: Somehow the European promise of “Never Again”, rings hollow in lands teeming with these imported Jew haters, by politicians who shed crocodile tears on Holocaust remembrance day, and spend the rest of their time importing and placating Islam 101’ers.

Can this badge prove Swedes want to help refugees?

Can this badge prove Swedes want to help refugees?

Thomas Bergman (left) has launched a badge that aims to make newcomers feel welcome. Photo: Private

Published: 19 Oct 2016 12:54 GMT+02:00

Thomas Bergman came up with the idea for his “Hello New Swede” badges around Christmas last year, when the influx of refugees to Sweden was a particularly hot topic. Inspired by other social campaigns from years gone by, he decided to try and do something to prove that there are plenty of Swedes out there who want to help.

“At first I thought it would be good to have a way of showing you can speak different languages and could help with translations, that was the first idea,” Bergman told The Local.

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  1. There’s a vacant look about him. Not sure whether there’s much going on between the ears.

    The problem with these do-gooders is that they ultimately cause more harm than good.

    I have often wondered, too, about the underlying motivation.

    I sometimes wonder whether underneath, there’s the need to demonstrate to the world how decent, caring, and even noble they are.

  2. So sad Sweden continues its march to mayhem. Being raped, robbed, and murdered along the way. I wonder when the nation collapses totally if the feminists will then turn and say to the swedish men that “yes we are your women”
    And i hope and pray the swedish men leave them to raping horde that they embraced while turning their backs on their own people. To see the look of horror in their eyes when they finally figure out the mistake they made will be worth it.

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