Fattah Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism


When have they ever stopped their dirty terrorist war with the Jewish state that they insist on annihilating?  


They’re all islamonazis, like the type in Syria and in Iraq

islamonazis in syria with koran and fascist salute 30.9.2013

AR 15 islam

H/T: ChanahS:

“While ostensibly there is a common goal shared by Fatah and Hamas, my guess is that beyond the desire to carry out terror attacks against Israeli civilians, this is a warm-up for the coming power vacuum when Abbas dies (or is “removed”).  For Hamas, having forces which can re-align their ideological loyalties later, or surrender their weapons to Hamas, is a plus.

Once again, after dictatorship, the next most prevalent form of government in the Middle East is anarchy.   While Israelis will most likely get hit in the crossfire when rival terror groups vie for power, the most hard-hit will be the civilian Arab population. What else is new?”

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