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So where is YLE in investigating Islamonazi hate preachers in mosques in and around Helsinki? Just saying.

You would think that hate preachers leaning heavily on post-hijra koran scriptures would be of more pressing concern than a bouncer trying to reduce the level of tension in a gay nightclub. That’s where we are today, a fake media chasing milk-toast stories when more pressing situations are just waiting to be flashed out by hidden camera.

NOTE: As Kumitonttu reminds me, “One can assume muslim immigrants are not so welcome there, you know, Orlando…”

Nightclub bouncer convicted after Yle discrimination investigation

A doorman at a Helsinki nightclub has been convicted of discrimination following an Yle investigation in which he was filmed refusing entry to the premises on the basis of ethnic background.

Onko värillä väliä kun pyrkii yökerhoon?

A scene from Yle’s ‘Undercover Immigrant’ exposé, which showed racial discrimination in action across many aspects of life in Finland. Image: Yle Silminnäkijä

Helsinki District court has convicted a man of discrimination after he refused ethnic minority men entry to the nightclub. The man will have to pay 50 income-linked day fines, which amount to around 300 euros in his case, and around 1,600 euros in compensation to the victims.

The Yle Silminnäkijä (Eyewitness) team tested employers, landlords and restaurants and bars for discrimination by sending men of Russian and Somali background to test their reactions. Hidden cameras filmed the results.

The group had lived in Finland for a long time and spoke good Finnish. The nightclub bouncer had refused entry even though they showed him ID which is widely accepted in Finland.

In another case tried at the same time, a Romanian citizen was denied entry to the same establishment even though he had a Finnish driving licence.

The bouncer claimed he was acting in accordance with general guidelines around security work in the nightclub business, however the regulator Valvira has stated that driving licenses can be accepted as proof of age.


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  1. Whilst living in Australia driving licence was never accepted. It is a proof that you have permit to drive, not legal proof of your identity.

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