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Being all juiced up on post-hijra islam 101 will do that to you…..

And what’s with the use of ”innocent” in describing the person targeted, it’s as if they’re saying that these 7th century throwbacks would have been justified if the victim wasn’t ”innocent”?

NOTE: I thought Australia has draconian gun laws?

Two armed teens charged over plot ‘to behead an innocent person in an ISIS-inspired Sydney terror attack’ – and one of them is the son of a convicted terrorist

Two 16-year-old boys were arrested by counter-terrorism police near a mosque in Sydney's south-west on Wednesday

Two 16-year-old boys were arrested by counter-terrorism police near a mosque in Sydney’s south-west on Wednesday

  • Two teenage terrorist suspects have been arrested in Bankstown, Sydney
  • On Thursday they were charged with terror-related offences 
  • Police claim they had bayonets and planned on beheading someone
  • The 16-year-olds were allegedly carrying handwritten notes to ISIS 
  • Police stopped the pair near a mosque as part of an ongoing investigation  
  • One of the teenagers is believed to be the son of a convicted terrorist 

Two teenagers who had allegedly planned to carry out an attack on an innocent member of the public have been charged with terror-related offences.

The 16-year-old’s were arrested near a mosque in Bankstown in Sydney’s west on Wednesday, and were allegedly carrying handwritten notes pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Police believe the pair, one of which is understood to be the son of a convicted terrorist, allegedly bought bayonets from a gun shop before setting off to carry out the attack.

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