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Its not my habit to pimp Russian propaganda, at least knowingly, but this is something of importance, and needs to understood in context.

The situation in the Middle East is so topsy-turvy, thanks in great part to the disastrous Obama administration and his former Sec-State, Hillary Clinton, as well as the imbeciles of the GOP elite, that there are no clear sides to support in the Syrian civil war. The US, thanks to all the fools just mentioned, has been siding with an array of islamonazis of every stripe in trying to take down the Assad regime.

Hell, I’m for the taking down of the Assad regime, but not to be replaced with Islamonazis!

Domestically, the current US administration is running the country into the ground, something that its traditional enemies could never had done by themselves. Along with that, both Obama’s foreign policy, and the foreign policy by the lunatics in the GOP ruling elite, are a total disaster as well.

What Obama is doing in Syria, is exactly what they did in Libya, but with the main difference being, Assad has never thrown an olive branch in the direction of the US due to its pressure, having always been a lackey of the thugs inside the Kremlin.

Lets say Obama succeeds (never will happen) in removing both Russia and Assad from Syria, you tell me, what will take their place? I’ll tell you what, the very same elements that have turned Libya into an Islamo hellhole.

NOTE: This is a major shot fired across the bow of the US, and Israel, and what the next president (hopefully Trump) will have to figure out.

H/T: Vlad

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