Finland Rape


But first, a word from TT tipster: Tom of Finland:

This is a news tip for a similar case, not a commentary. I just did not know where to leave it

There was another long term incest rapist living recently in Norway. He is from Ivory Coast and had raped his daughter continuously since she was nine. She became pregnant many times and had abortions, until she got a baby at the age of 16. He did this all in Finland, before moving to Grimstad, Norway. From there the police fetched him back to Oulu. From the Finnish national radio company (Yle) English news one might get the idea that the guy is Norwegian or Finnish.

With the crime so horrible, I guess there will be more information even in the politically correct news sphere. I guess there might be interest for it in Norway, as well. The guy was politically active in Finland, maybe in Norway as well.

Just look at the way the fake media of YLE report the story:


Man arrested on suspicion of incest

The Oulu District Court placed a man under arrest on Wednesday under suspicion of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor. The man was escorted to Oulu from Norway by police on Tuesday.

Kyltti istunnon kuvaamiskiellosta Oulun käräjäoikeuden istuntosalin ovessa 12.10.2016

“Photographing of the hearing prohibited”, the courtroom door read on Wednesday. Image: Yle

The Oulu District Court imprisoned a man on Wednesday with probable cause on suspicion of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor. The victim is alleged to be a member of the man’s family. The crimes allegedly took place in Oulu during the period of Jan 1, 1999 to Jan 24, 2008

The court ordered the man be held in pretrial custody in the Oulu Prison and to be brought before the court on October 26, in two weeks’ time.

The imprisonment proceedings were held on Wednesday afternoon behind closed doors and without an audience present. The trial documents were also designated as confidential until the case is tried later this month.

The prosecutor has pressed charges on the man for sexual abuse of a child. The trial was to be held in the district court on October 7, but the accused did not arrive to the hearing. The court arrested the man in absentia on October 8, and on Tuesday he was escorted to Oulu.

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