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They must not have gotten the memo that the Swedes are busy Islamizing themselves…..

Failed suicide attack on Swedish troops in Mali

Failed suicide attack on Swedish troops in Mali

File photo from 2015 of Swedish UN troops in Mali. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Published: 11 Oct 2016 07:13 GMT+02:00

“On Monday night a Swedish patrol on a mission in Timbuktu city was exposed to a suicide bomber. No Swedish soldiers were injured in the incident,” read a statement by the Armed Forces.

It added that the troops were being looked after by the Swedish unit in Mali.

“The most important thing for us just now is that we don’t have any injured Swedish personnel,” spokesperson Tony Remes told the TT news agency. “Some form of crisis team is looking after them.”

Information about the attack was scarce on Tuesday morning, but the Armed Forces said they understood there were no other nationalities involved. No reports have emerged about any other injuries.

The Swedish troops in Mali are part of an international UN-led peacekeeping mission.

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  1. It is a dangerous job the Swedes have. Handing out blankets, viagra and bottled water to muslims while on bended knee.

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