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Way too little, way too late……

Besides, the German courts (stuffed with Leftists) would be all over this like Finnish drunks on a bottle of Kossu.

Angela Merkel will BAN EU migrants from claiming unemployment benefits for five years as her open-door policy continues to hit Germany 

Angela Merkel wants to stop EU migrants from claiming benefits in Germany for five years

Angela Merkel wants to stop EU migrants from claiming benefits in Germany for five years

  • Just a day ago Mrs Merkel said Britain cannot be given access EU markets if it limits immigration
  • Germany’s coalition goverment has been losing support to the hard-right
  • The draft bill would stop EU migrants who move to Germany from receiving ‘Hartz IV’ unemployment and welfare benefits for five years

EU migrants who move to Germany could be banned from receiving unemployment benefits for five years after arriving under proposed new laws.

Angela Merkel’s cabinet is due to agree the plan next week amid a wider debate in Germany about high levels of immigration that threatens the Chancellor’s hopes of re-election next year.

The planned law would ban new EU arrivals from claiming money from the ‘Hartz IV’ system if they do not have a job or have not accrued rights to the payments in a previous job.

German newspaper Die Welt said the new laws, drafted by SPD labour minister Andrea Nahles, would be debated by Mrs Merkel’s cabinet next week.

The proposal would have a similar impact to one the UK government demanded ahead of the EU referendum.

After months of negotiation, David Cameron was eventually offered an ’emergency brake’ on migration which created a seven year window in which new arrivals to Britain from the EU could be denied benefits.

The controversial proposal, which was opposed by several EU states for fear it would undermine EU free movement, was scrapped when Britain voted for Brexit in June.

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