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BREAKING NEWS: German city on lockdown as armed police hunt man suspected of planning a bomb attack

  • Heavily-armed officers are surrounding a home in the town of Chemnitz 
  • Officers are dealing with a suspected bomb attack plot, police have said
  • Polizei Sachsen’s force scaled a block of flats and have set up barricades 
  • Saxony police said officers acted on some intelligence received last night
  • A manhunt is underway for a 22-year-old Syrian national Jaber Albakr 
  • Albakr is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on an airport in Germany
  • He was under police surveillance and left Syria last year, reports have said
  • Three men have been arrested in connection with the planned terror plot
  • Police found several hundred grams of explosives an an apartment raid 

Police are questioning three people after explosives were found hidden in an apartment officers raided in connection with a Syrian man suspected of planning a bomb attack on a German airport.

The manhunt for prime suspect 22-year-old Jaber Albakr, from Damascus is still ongoing after officers swarmed an apartment block at lunchtime and locked down the area.

Two of the three people arrested knew Albakr, who is understood to have been under police surveillance, and are in custody in eastern city of Chemnitz.

At lunchtime, the German city was swarming with armed police hunting Albakr – a Syrian who was under surveillance by the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection in Cologne, say reports.

He is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a German airport, according to Online Focus.

It is understood the suspect entered Germany last year with refugees from Syria.

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