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Facts are stubborn things….

While situations in different countries vary, the overall situation in the jihad against rest of the world, remains a constant. The majority of recruits to the jihad are schooled or well schooled people who held jobs. They were not deprived nor discriminated against, they were just juiced up on post-hijra Islam

Get you some of this, from a World Bank study (H/T: Vlad):

Recruits of the IU, more educated than expected


“We found that the Islamic State group is not collected his foreign recruits among the poor and less well formed, but rather the opposite,” says the World Bank in these works based on the leak of internal data of the ISIS on 3803 recruits.

This is information on the country of residence, nationality, educational level or previous experience in jihadism and knowledge of Sharia, said the authors of the study devoted more broadly to the economic situation MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

“One of the most important discoveries is that these people are far from being illiterate,” says the World Bank, which believes that these data provide “insights” on the profile of the ISIS fighters

Most have a secondary education

Most recruits for the period from 2013 to 2014, “claimed to have a secondary education. An important part was educated up to university level”, say the researchers from the international institution, which determine the average age of foreign staff of the IS as being 27.4 years.

According to the data, 43.3% have completed secondary education, 25.4% went to college. Only 13.5% did not go beyond primary school and 1.3% expressed illiterate, the rest (16.3%) did not provide information on their training.

More here.

NOTE: I was recently blocked on Twitter by Finnish Chief Constable Jussi Huhtela for exposing his nonsensical meme that the jihad is fuelled by unemployment, lack of schooling and opportunity.

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