Saudi Arabia


Frank is speaking the obvious truth….

 I will add that the two bastions of Islamonazi outreach, Saudi  Arabia and the Iranians are the prime evil players in fomenting jihad around the world, and need to be taken out. Whichever way possible.


Last week, CIA Director John Brennan described Saudi Arabia as “among our best counterterrorism partners.” To be sure, such fatuousness emanated from someone so close to the Saudis during his time as the Agency’s top official in their country that he reportedly converted to Islam.

Brennan was moved to defend the Saudi government because Congress had just achieved its first Obama veto override, clearing the way for 9/11 families to sue the Kingdom over its role in the most deadly jihadist attack in U.S. history.

Legislators may revise this law after the election. But Saudi involvement in 9/11 and the Kingdom’s attempts to destroy the U.S. fracking industry won’t go away.  So, America should finally get the debate it has long needed concerning the double-game Saudi Arabia has played against us for decades, even as its jihadist agenda progresses.

Let’s roll!

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  1. The West invaded the wrong countries- should have been Saudi Barbaria.
    Utterly destroy Mecca, Medina, end the idiotic ‘Hajj’ and take over the oil. Liquidate the House of Saud, instigate a caretaker government and send Islam to hell. Confiscate all Saudi weaponry and ban future sales. Best investment the allies could ever make. Build MASSIVE military bases to repel all attempts at re-invasion; minefields, border fences, permanent guard posts, 24/7 aerial surveillance, the whole enchilada. Western education exclusively, wipe out madrassahs and mosques.
    Burn every koran in existence, ban printing of Wahhabi/Salafi garbage. Savages don’t have the technology to resist, once western weaponry is taken from them.

  2. Oh, and root out ALL western politicians and high-rollers on the Saudi payroll. Jail them.

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