So these people are openly siding with frauds, liars and cheats.

Open rejection of the civil society’s rule of law that they claim to be a apart of. So someone who steals from another should be housed and cared for because, after all, they have ”a need”? Pure asshattery. Heavily fine those who dare put you and your family members at risk.

Parishes prepared to help people denied asylum

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran leaders say that the church cannot turn its back on people in need of help, such as those who are denied asylum or the undocumented. However, in an Yle survey on the topic many bishops stressed that the church itself cannot offer refuge.

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Image: Soila Ojanen / Yle

With the increase in asylum seekers, many parishes are preparing for the fact that they will be asked for help and even shelter.

Yle asked Finnish Evangelical Lutheran leaders about whether the church should help those who have been denied asylum in Finland.

The answer was almost unanimous: the church cannot close its doors to those in need.

At the same time, many responding church leaders felt that no shadow system should be set up; in fact many bishops stressed that the church itself cannot provide shelter or safe houses.

Church should help those in need

Archbishop Kari Mäkinen says that the church should help people who need assistance.

”But we have to do it within society’s framework,” he stressed.

Porvoo’s Bishop Björn Vikström says that help and safety can be offered in individual cases.

”For example, when the church has supported a specific individual or family, and feels that they were unfairly denied asylum in Finland,” he said.

History of giving assistance

Churches have a long history of providing safe haven for those who need it, says Helsinki’s Bishop of the Diocese Irja Askola.

”Our country’s tighter laws are inhumane and unsuitable for a civilised state. In this situation, we need wise, creative solutions as well as further dialogue with decision makers,” says Askola.

According to Turku’s Archdiocese Kaarlo Kalliala, the church has always provided refuge and shelter in good cooperation with the police. Kalliala says that in the future when there are more people in Finland who have been denied asylum, the situation will change.

”The number of undocumented people will grow. In these situations, individual cases and people in acute need must be helped — but together with the authorities,” says Kalliala.


NOTE: They’re not taking any ”high road”, but the lowest one of all. Sanctimonious boobs.

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