Fighting Back Islam in Germany MUSLIM SETTLERS


Violence never the right option, but i’m sure they drove their point home…..

Town Mayor Beaten Unconscious By Locals After Announcing Plan To Welcome Migrants

The mayor of a small German town has been assaulted and beaten unconscious after receiving threats because he planned to settle migrants in the area.

Joachim Kebschull, the 61-year-old mayor of Oersdorf near Hamburg, was pushing to house migrants in a property in the town of 900.

The attack occurred immediately before a meeting of the town’s urban planning committee where migrant issues were due to be discussed.

According to police, the mayor had returned to his car to retrieve a laptop. As he leaned in, someone approached him and struck a blow to his head with either a club or a plank of wood, knocking him to the ground.

According to NDR, the mayor has received a threatening email following the attack. “Whoever is still unwilling to listen now, will certainly feel better,” it read.

Police spokesman Oliver Pohl explained that he had also been sent numerous threatening letters since July, long before the attack.

The planned migrant house has caused serious tensions in the town before, leading to meetings about the issue to be closed due to bomb threats.

In response, the local voter’s association issued a statement last month, arguing that the village was the perfect place to house migrants.

“Oersdorf is being talked about, and not in a good sense… There is a great effort to intimidate, seemingly because the committee wants to make a decision about housing for asylum seekers,” the association stated.

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2 Responses

  1. Actually, this is normal, the people are fed up of the muslim invasion organized by traitors like the mayor of this town.

    Let me guess, the guy is 61, will get a good retirement while younger people get raped, beaten by muslim illegal aliens, and will be jobless or work for 1 euro under Merkel Stasi dictatorship.

    The news should be spread in countries like greece, Italy or France to show people there that they can do something against the invasion: First of all, they need to eliminate the traitors like this mayor.

    This is the only way to survive, to fight the Bolsheviks allied to the muslim invaders.

  2. Germans need to get in touch with their inner barbarian… then things will sort themselves out quickly.

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