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‘They’re pure poison’ Congress OVERTURNS veto on 9/11 bill amid calls for Saudi punishment


Mr Peters said: “At some point you have got to say stop. This JASTA bill is the first time any element of the US government has seriously punished Saudi Arabia for its countless misdeeds for sponsorship  of radical terror.

RELATIVES of the 9/11 terror victims will now be able to sue “poisonous” Saudi Arabia for “its part in the horror” as the US Congress has rejected President Barack Obama’s veto of the legislation.


For the first time during his eight-year presidency, President Obama was on Wednesday overwhelmingly defeated in the House of Representatives as they voted to make the “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act” law.

This means relatives of the 9/11 victims will be allowed to sue Saudi Arabia for compensation “for their part” in the horrid terror attack.

Hailing the vote, retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told Fox News it was about time the Saudis were held to account for the “countless misdeeds”.

“From 9/11 and onwards the terrorist attacks on our soil, either imported or lone wolf attacks can all be traced back to Saudi sponsorship.”

The retired officers added that Saudi Arabia had played America for far too long and this bill would be the first time any part of the US government would hold the country responsible for “sponsoring terror”.

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