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Using are own political system and societal understanding of tolerance against us, helped by lackeys, fools and the extremely naive.


This is to be used by the adherents of Islam in staving off any/all criticism of the ideology whatsoever. All the while they push their political ideology on the rest of society, successfully, due to the latter’s lack of willingness to confront Islam’s hegemonic/supremacist agenda.

NOTE: This has the OIC’s/Muslim Brotherhood’s fingerprints all over it. Do take note the presupposition, the idea of “all religions being the same”,yeah….like Thai kick boxing and badminton are the same

Press Release 27.09.2016

Representatives of religious communities signed the declaration on behalf of social peace

Press release by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture

Representatives of Christians, Jews and  Muslims, both Sunni and Shiia as well, signed today a joint statement on behalf of social peace. Preceding the signature Interior Minister Paula Risikko opened the round-table discussions.

– Finland is still a peaceful and safe country. However, Societal tensions and confrontations, hate speech and hate crimes have increased. There is a great danger that we get used to hate speech and it becomes “normal,” says Risikko.

The statement religions want to show is that the different religious communities can live in harmony side by side. The signatories want to work in their own communities on behalf of social peace against violence and hate speech.

Peaceful and constructive religions, cultures, and various population groups encounter is one of the fundamental questions of our time. Diversification of cultures enrich and challenge the new way of Finnish society. Finland’s place between East and West is our strength.

The declaration states that the suspicion is not enough to remove it, that the other is tolerated. In Finnish society, it is crucial that individuals or entire communities are not excluded from society and they are not allowed to remain outside it. A healthy and successful Finland needs input of all who live here.

Religions asset to society

Religions have an important role in maintaining and promoting cohesion. Almost a hundred years old Finnish freedom of religion emphasizes equality, mutual respect and cooperation. It is a good starting point for religions and opinions in intercultural dialogue and ensures peace for all religions.

The importance of religious education and religious literacy is emphasized even more. Lack of information can lead to the abuse of religions within and outside. At best, their own religious instruction prevents extremism, strengthen the common identity and understanding more about other religions. A healthy religious identity is not conducive to radicalization, but acts as a barrier. Religions are not a threat but an asset to society.

Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture to share the autumn of government grants to promote dialogue between religions. the promotion of interfaith dialogue is part of Relevant Ministry of Finland agenda as hate speech and to prevent racism and promote social inclusion.


NOTE II: Knowing what we know about Islam, the need for its followers to eventually exert supremacy over the rest of the non-Muslim society once demographic numbers shift in its favor, all of what is written here and signed to by the leaders of the Islamic community, is written with invisible ink.

Also, as far as Islam is concerned, a vibrant Islamic identity always comes at the expense of the greater society. The more Islamic that community becomes, the more problems society at large has to deal with. Depending upon the host society’s strength in national identity and shared values, will greatly affect its over all survival, and Islam comes at the expense of liberty.

They should have all signed this instead:

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