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Yesterday a friend of ours went into a store to buy something. The man at the counter took one look at her Magen David (Star of David) necklace and said he would not serve her.

And he did refuse to serve her. She had to leave the store.

She has filed a complaint with the police and with Sweden’s Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman.

But that is not the point. The point is that many people who have only relatively recently immigrated to this country from, let’s be diplomatic here, “Middle Eastern countries”, feel confident enough to take a public anti-Semitic stance and live with the consequences – because they know the consequences, if any, will be exceptionally mild. Usually a gently worded reprimand that this is not really entirely acceptable in Sweden.

Now if, say, a blond, crew-cut, blue-eyed white Swede working in a shop were to look at a black or Muslim customer and flatly refuse to serve him/her, the mighty wrath of the entire Swedish media, political establishment, justice department and public opinion would explode in a frenzy of harsh condemnation and legal action.

Hypocrisy, much?

Waiting now to see how the police and the Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman respond. Not holding my breath, however.

In the case of the police, this is not because they are anti-Semitic, but because the perpetrator is Muslim. The “M” word, like many physical areas in this country, is a no-go zone for the police in Sweden.

If Political Correctness prevents you from correctly identifying the nature of a problem, then as a society you will never – EVER – be able to solve that problem.

Which is what Sweden’s Islamists understand, and Sweden’s politicians and media elite don’t.

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