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I have said in the past that if political leaders in Western states -who vow that they’re totally dedicated in combating Jew hatred- actively advocate importing Jew haters into the West…then they’re gross hypocrites and can’t be trusted.

During WWII no Germans or Japanese civilians were allowed to migrate to the US, there was an across-the-board ban imposed upon them till some time after hostilities ended. So to with Muslims, a temporary moratorium on Muslims entering the country until the immigration office (which needs to be schooled on exactly what to look and ask for) gets its act together.

I do not believe it’s discriminatory, nor over generalizing to insist on such a policy, especially in light of US intelligence, military and state dept. services having been infiltrated,corrupted and subverted by the Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR/ISNA etc operatives.

NOTE: A shortened version of Dr.Gerstenfeld’s article “How to Bar Entry of Anti-Semitic immigrants into the United States” was first published last week in Algemeiner, and the lengthier version is republished here with the author’s consent.

Anti-Semites do damage not only to Jews, but to society at large.

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How to Bar Entry of Anti-Semitic immigrants into the United States

Manfred Gerstenfeld

As the election campaign progresses, judgments on the issues raised are heavily colored by whoever puts them on the table. Not being an American I look at such issues in a different way. I focus on what is relevant to the discourse on anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism, irrespective of who has raised it.

One issue stands out here. Donald Trump has suggested that immigrants should be tested for their beliefs and anti-Semitic immigrants should not be admitted to the US.1 It is an accepted axiom of American society that it is not relevant where one comes from. What is important is the contribution one makes or the damage one does. Anti-Semites do damage not only to Jews, but to society at large.

Trump’s suggestion is extremely important due to the resonance it received as part of the election campaign. Trump also suggested that immigrants will be questioned and their social media examined for evidence of commitment to gay rights, gender equality and religious freedom.2

Trump’s statements on this issue have been negatively impacted by a statement he made in December 2015. He called “for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” This was stereotyping of all Muslims. His statement referred to statistics from the Center for Security Policy showing that “25% of those polled agreed that violence against Americans here in the United States is justified as a part of the global jihad” and 51% of those polled, “agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.”3 4 Half a year later he said that this statement was only a suggestion.5

The proposal to keep anti-Semitic immigrants out is a far more relevant point in view of the Western European experience. Trump said “Beyond terrorism, as we have seen in France, foreign populations have brought their anti-Semitic attitudes with them.”6

A major ADL study on anti-Semitism in the world has found that the 10 countries where classic anti-Semitism is highest are all Muslim. Eighty percent or more of their populations were found to be anti-Semites. 7 The results of the Western-European non-selective mass immigration policies in regard to Muslim countries have been disastrous for both Jews and Israel in many ways. One major example: in the previous century murderous attacks on Jews in Western Europe were committed by Muslims coming from outside Europe. In this century, all murderous attacks on Jews – those that occurred in France, Belgium and Denmark — were committed by Muslim residents in Western Europe.

Major Muslim terror has hit societies in various European countries. The most lethal attack was the one in 2004 at a train station in Madrid which killed 191 people and wounded 1800.8 The London terror attacks of 2005 killed 52 people and injured hundreds.9 The Paris attacks of November 2015 left 130 people dead, and hundreds injured.10 The attacks at the Brussels airport and metro in March 2016 killed 32 and wounded many more.11 The Nice terror attack in July 2016 killed 84 and wounded 200.12 There have been many other attacks and failed attempts.

The sequence of terror events in the United States was similar. The murderers of 9/11 came from abroad to kill. Since then, there has been a series of murders by domestic Muslims resulting from how they interpret their religion. They included murders in Little Rock in 2009,13 and Fort Hood in the same year.14 Others were the Boston marathon bombings in 201315, the San Bernardino murders in 201516 and the June 2016 murders in Orlando.17

One should not hide the obvious. Under such anti-immigration policies the number of Muslim rejected for entry may be proportionally higher than that of other religions and cultures. This reflects the higher percentage of prejudice among people from some Muslim countries.

It is advisable that Jewish leaders will promote barring immigration of anti-Semites only after the next president has been elected in order to avoid being drawn into the electoral campaign. In the meantime in an article in the Forward, some Jews interviewed have shown little understanding of the potential importance of Trump’s proposal.18

After the election Jewish leaders should develop practical plans for how to interview and screen immigrants. The ADL has carried out a worldwide survey on the percentage of classic anti-Semitism in various countries. Many other studies have been done on anti-Semitic attitudes in various countries over the decades. These studies are the infrastructure for tests to bar anti-Semitic immigrants and those with other prejudices from entering the United States.

Trump has introduced an important issue at the national level. Jewish leaders would never have been able to do so by themselves. One may wonder who of them would have dared to try to propose or even wanted to do so. This is a great opportunity and American Jews should not let it go to waste. If they do however, some American Jews will have to pay a heavy price – perhaps even with their lives — as even more anti-Semites, including some who are extremely violent, come in to the country.



4; For support of ISIS in the world see














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