Personally I am always thankful to those who both built it, and dropped it.

Instead of US soldiers having to die in massive numbers, the Japanese were forced to, in an end to their murderous rule and empire.

The hidden horrors of Nagasaki: Confiscated photographs of the devastating effects of America’s atomic bomb – taken 12 hours after the blast – are revealed 70 years on

Nagasaki atomic bomb horrors revealed in confiscated photographs


The pictures were taken by Yosuke Yamahata, pictured here in the inset, a Japanese military photographer, who was tasked with documenting the destruction for propaganda purposes in the immediate aftermath. His collection show the flattened landscape, mass death and desperate plight of survivors following the nuclear blast. An American military policeman kept hold of the images, which have since been acquired by a collector, and are now being sold in the US by RR Auction with an estimate of £38,000.

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