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In other words islamonazi terrorism, something that the loon mayor of NYC De Commio couldn’t utter due to the Left’s CVE narrative.

Ahmad Rahami charged for using weapons of mass destruction in Manhattan and New Jersey

THE Afghan-born man accused of the Manhattan and New Jersey terror attacks has been charged with using weapons of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use.

Ahmad Khan Rahami chargedGETTY

Ahmad Khan Rahami has been charged with the bombings by police

Ahmad Rahami had previously been charged with five counts of attempted murder after being arrested following a dramatic shootout with police where he was shot in the shoulder and leg.

The terror suspect told police he planted the deadly pipe bombs because he was following orders from “terrorist leaders… to attack nonbelievers where they live”.

Investigators believe Rahami planted two bombs in Chelsea, Manhattan, but one failed to detonate.

He is also believed to have placed a rucksack containing five IEDs in a bin at a New Jersey train station.

Officials believe Mr Rahami was brainwashed by extremist Islamic ideology after finding a notebook when he was taken into custody.

Ahmad RahamiGETTY

Rahami was arrested on Monday

In one handwritten note, Mr Rahami pleads to Allah not to be caught following his potentially lethal attacks.

It reads: “My heart I pray to the beautiful wise ALLAH. To not take JIHAD away from. I beg.”

The bloody notebook was pierced by a bullet during the shootout with police.

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