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Sweden on the BRINK: Malmö in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight | World | News | Daily Express 

Car of fireYOUTUBE

SHOCKING footage from Sweden shows police struggling to keep the deal on the unprecedented levels of crime as cars burn across Malmö.

By Lizzie Stromme

More than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city, which has been plagued by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions.

The video shows chaos in Malmö as vandalism is only one of many incidents to have occurred as police crack down on organised crime.

Saturday saw Sweden’s third largest city suffer the worst surge of violence since July, with at least 70 cars burned out in less than three months.

Over the weekend more than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city
Vid here beneath the fold

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  1. Moslems in Paris celebrate New Years Eve by burning 1000 cars.
    This is small potatoes, Sweden.

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